Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday WIPs

It feels like I have been knitting this cardigan forever! Although my Ravelry projects tell me I am only just coming up to 2 months, which doesn't seem so long given the other things I have also knit in that time!
I don't have a lot of yarn left, but I'm hoping it will be enough, I will split it evenly and just knit the sleeves till I run out!
I am enjoying it, and I know it will be well worn and loved once it is finished, perhaps next Autumn/Winter. Given that today looks like this....

I am ignoring the season though as I cast on another project - this time a Moera for my son. He was pretty little and cute when I first designed it, and its time he had another one! He was 4.5yrs old here and I thought he was so grown up, he turns 7 this Friday!!

The Knitting for Boys Group on Rav have chosen my Umberto pattern for their next KAL, and that allows ANY of my patterns to be knit as part of the KAL - so I'll be joining in with this one, in this yarn.
You can join in too if you like! And whether you do or not, there is a discount code that you can use on ALL my patterns, until the end of Friday NZT - it gives you 20% off any and all of them - with the code kfbkal .

I am also WIPing my way through Shift - the second in the Silo series by Hugh Howey, it comes after Wool (which yes, I admit to picking up due to its title). They are an amazing series, I am really really loving them. And besides a few similes and references to wool, they are not at all about knitting;.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sorting and Organising!

I've had a busy week setting my office/knitting room up - its not quite there yet, but its getting closer!

It has meant a bit of whole-house decluttering and tidying while I am at it, my lounge office looks a lot different now that I have moved most of it out!

How about some sneak peeks? (Its not quite ready for the full reveal yet!) I still have all my teaching resources to sort!

Finally, I got to use the label maker my family bought me for Mother's Day!

Lately I've been seeing lots of people's destash/scrap blankets, and it made me start thinking about knitting my own. Sorting out all my stash was the perfect time for planning this. Although I also found another destash scrap blanket I started about 18 months ago.

And I found a whole box worth perfect for the Memory Blanket. I think that means I need to knit one.... which means I need to finish the first one too - One for each of my kids!

Looks like I will be working on these over the next wee while when I need some mindless knitting! I will need a bit of that for the next 3 months or so, as I have accepted a teaching job till the end of the year - starting up a new New Entrants class. I am really looking forward to it and hope that knitting won't get completely pushed aside, although I know my designing possibly will.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Round Up

I seem to have re found all my mojo and my knitting bug too - I am rather enjoying it! I am still working my way along a cardigan for myself - the weather fines up and I think there isn't any hurry and then the Wellington Spring hits again and I remember why I love wool 10 months of the year here!!

I have recently finished a girl's cardigan design and I'm getting ready to cast on one for me too - it will have long sleeve options as well and I think I'll do those for myself first off! Here is a sneaky peek....

I've also finally taken some photos of some yummy yarns I received in 2 preorders - so pretty!
These are from Little Plum Yarns and Nunnaba. I may have received another Nunnaba gradient and knit it already! Must take a photo!

And my office room is coming along too - I'm hoping to have the painting finished this week (top coats and trims to go) and then I have 2 weeks of school holidays to organise it all.

So there you go, a Monday Round up! What has been keeping you busy?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FO: Gradient Corrie

I am so happy to have my computer back! It is all fixed, new hard drive and all files and photos safe! I will be backing them up much more frequently now.

The knitting got a real go when my computer was away, I knit a wee shawl and a cardigan for a gift. I've got a few things on the needles, but I'm not sure what I want to knit next! I thought it was going to be version 2 of a new cardigan pattern, but my daughter has poo-pooed the colour she demanded 3 weeks ago (Hot pink) so I might give it a miss! That means more time to knit for myself anyway.

My friend had a wee baby girl a few weeks ago, and I felt the need to knit for her. It didn't take me long to decide on this pretty Gradient yarn for a wee Corrie.

I knit a 3 month size and finished off the sleeves before I finished the body, as I wanted the purple for the trim. I also missed a couple of stocking stitch rows in the sleeves. I was a bit worried I would run out of yarn!
I loved knitting this one, its always fun knitting a wee size, and in a Gradient yarn, its not a chore in the slightest!
I used these super cute buttons from Buttons by Benji. I had 5 small and 5 large and I needed 6, so I went with a feature one at the top. AND I had a nice sized ball of yarn left over!

I'm very happy with how it turned out - now to post it to my friend before her child grows too big!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Computers, love 'em, hate 'em

Last week my computer decided it needed to update windows, sure, I said, go ahead.

Dammit! My computer is now dead. 

I have an external hard drive, but typically I haven't backed anything up for approximately 3 months. I'm kicking myself! 

Not only are there part patterns, and a totally complete one, with lace charts and a different construction to my norm, that I just can't even fathom doing over again, but there are photos. My sister and I visited our Grandma 2 weekends ago, while in town for KAN. She recently turned 95 and has had heart troubles so has become a resident of a home for the elderly. And my clever sister made sure I didn't forget my camera. But they are on my computer.....

So this post is a public service announcement, go and back up your hard drive! Allow your computer to finish syncing with iCloud or Google cloud (mine was paused....) Don't put it off, like I did!

Blogging from the iPad is hard work, so many auto corrections (auto errors more like!) so cross your fingers for me, that my laptop will be easily and swiftly repaired, but most importantly that my data is safe! 

Have you backed up yet ;)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Pop over to my facebook page to enter my Giveaway - its a Facebook only one, since its celebrating my 2000 Facebook Followers! :D

Monday, September 1, 2014

Knit August Nights #2

I have just returned from a weekend knitting retreat. It was lovely to have the weekend away and to hang out with some friends, old and new!  I did rather well with my shopping as well....

That is mostly single skeins of yarn, and except for the big lot of hot pink that my daughter requested, is all indie dyed and with no specific plan! The pink is for a cardigan for my daughter, I struggled to find just the right colour though!

I bought some lovely project bags, from Zippy Wippies too and also a yarn bowl!

I also did a class on Photography with the awesome ladies from Stitch Seekers (you may know them for their Men in Knitwear Calender too). They even brought a model in for us to photograph at the end! haha!!

This years KAN was very different from last year, there were issues with the venue and it really wasn't as social due to their being not enough places for people to chillax. It was a disappointment, but overall it was still a great weekend. And next year, the venue will have finished their building work and it can only be better! It definitely won't put me off going again.

I got very little actual knitting done, perhaps 20 rounds of a girls skirt...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Now Available: Modern Princess

A few months ago, my pattern, Modern Princess was part of the first Red Riding Hood Yarns Ladies of Luxe Yarn club. It was such a fun design brief, and I posted about my inspiration here if you would like to read it.

They are a pretty sock to knit and a lovely sock to wear. These were knit with a gorgeous sparkle sock, but they work in any sock yarn!

And now you can buy the pattern and knit them too!  (and you totally should!)

I am off to a knitting retreat tomorrow, and there are a lot of people that can't make it - so I'm sharing the love and discounting this pattern by $1 for the weekend - I wish you could all come, but have a sock pattern instead ;) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Weekly WIPS #6

I've been knitting monogamously this week - on my new version of the Zagging skirt. The new version is going to have a much more A-line shape and of course a general tidy up and update.

I actually have been avoiding knitting a little this week. I've been getting sore wrists lately, not while I am knitting, but I often wake with them. Which scares me a little, so I've been resting them a lot. I am also trying hard to have better keyboard posture when typing, I think I got a little lazy with it on my knee.

As well as my knitting WIPs, I've finally made some progress on my office! Its been at a bit of a standstill, waiting on the builder to build my cupboard. But he arrived today and nearly got it finished!

 Just the shelves to come and then this is going to have ALL my yarn in it! And some other stuff too.

Just some plaster and paint - which I am going to have a go at..... These photos are taken on slightly odd angle, the walls and cupboard are actually straight!!

As well as that I got a new couch for my office too. As this has taken over our spare room, it is a fold out couch. One that is in desperate need for some bright cushions - I think they will be next on my plan!! I can't show you that though as its still in a box after a mis-delivery this morning and a redelivery this afternoon!

I finally bought some undercoat to go over those lovely walls too, and hopefully I will get a chance to get stuck into that next week - cupboard done and kids at school! Then I will really see it start to come together!

And as you can see from my old post, I've managed to get rid of lots of stuff - the bed, bookshelf and books are all gone (although some of the books are in my garage waiting for me to get some motivation to do something with them).

Hopefully it won't be too long till I can show you the Finished product!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

FO: Settler Shawl Test Knit

I don't do a lot of test knitting these days, as much as I would love to, my needles are almost always too busy to volunteer for more deadline knitting.

However when the lovely Libby of Truly Myrtle posted her tester call - well I couldn't look away. I just love her new design and I had to volunteer! Its my kind of shawl pattern, with enough interest that I don't wouldn't put it down and forget about it, but not so lacy I can't actually keep my place and lose stitches willy nilly. You see, lace knitting does not come naturally to me.

The textured border stitches on this shawl suited my knitting style perfectly, they are really rather easy once you get going!

Its a lovely shape and size, perfect for some gentle neck wrapping. I was pleased to be wearing this outside for photos, Spring is attempting to come, but its still bitterly cold!

I believe this shawl pattern will be released very soon, and I will be sure to link it when it is!
Mine is knit in Socktopus Sokkusu Original in 'Dyepot baby' which is just a perfect green yarn in my opinion, so many beautiful shades all working together.

Unbelievably I cast off another project yesterday, my new girls design, you may have to wait just a wee bit longer to see that one though!

Friday, August 22, 2014

FO: Scott Base for the Husband (finally!)

In June, I cast on some socks for my husband. I was so sure I would get them finished in June, but its nearly the end of August!

There is no reason at all they took me so long, except for other things taking precedence. They were also my easy swimming sideline knitting which means they didn't often get any attention at home. Regardless, my husband is happy with his socks and it means I can knit myself a pair now (or perhaps I should finally knit some for my son.... as I promised)

Pattern - Scott Base Toe Up
Yarn -Schoppel-Wolle Admiral (4 fach / 4 ply)

I have another FO to show you, but I need a bit more nice weather, the sun attempted to peek out today but it was still bitterly cold!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Weekly Wips

This week I have managed to finish and cast off 2 projects, I'm rather pleased! And it means I can finally get back to, and concentrate on a cardigan I cast on a few weeks ago and haven't looked at since!

Its a lovely soft yarn, which I know is going to be really pilly once its finished and being worn, but I think it might be worth it!

 It is knit contiguously, which I really rather enjoy these days....

But as you can see, I have rather a long way to go!

Finished knits coming soon! :D

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Weekly Wips

This week I have cast on a new WIP - one that wasn't on my list of things to knit this month. But then the lovely Libby of Truly Myrtle posted a tester call for her newest design and I just had to sign up.

That very morning I had been picking through my collection of scarves and wraps and bemoaning them, I am definitely in need of more long, wrap-able shawls in semi solid colours.

I am really enjoying the knitting - its rather easy so far, but not boring - and I'm looking forward to the textured section at the end.

I am trying to get it knit quickly, so I can wear it and also so I can return to my rather fully August knit list!

I'm knitting this up in a long stashed skein of Socktopus Sokkusu Original  in the colourway 'dyepot baby'. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

FO: Wethersfield

I finished my new cardigan last week and it is lovely and cosy and so comfy to wear. I don't think its the most flattering thing I have ever knit but I keep throwing it on, which makes it a winner in my wardrobe!

I added some waist shaping, due to the pattern not including any and I think it helps a little, but I possibly could have included even more!

It is possibly slightly too big for me, and I adjusted the sleeve shaping so they weren't so tight, but I possibly could have done an extra few decreases towards the wrist as they are a little loose there.

I had a terrible time with photos of this knit, the inability to go outside didn't help (RAIN) but still, I apologise for the lack of good photos!

I knit this with Cascade Eco+ which I am a fan of, finding heavier weight yarns much trickier to source, and I know I will get a lot of wear from this one! Finally my Aidez will get a rest!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

FO: 5th Birthday Party!

I'm counting it as a Finish - its not a knit but its been taking most of my brain space lately, so I'm stoked it was a success!

My darling, gorgeous, funny daughter turned 5 on Friday.
She was rather excited, we have had a daily countdown since we hit 85 days to go!
Today we hosted a 5th birthday party for her. It was a little chaotic, our house is not huge, but it was good all the same.

She is very excited about School tomorrow!! (as am I...) No photos of her friends here, but there were 16 children in total, so it was a busy time!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Weekly WIPS

Its a new month, and I pretty much (half a sock to go...) managed to finish off all my July knits, which means some fresh new ones for August, we will just pretend we aren't nearly a whole week in!

I had a yarn winding session yesterday and I'm set to go!

I've finally cast on a new girls design that has been wound and waiting to be cast on for about 6 months. But I lost the swatch, then changed my mind a little. Now its ready to go, pattern is mostly written, and its on the needles.

My daughter is obsessed with skirts. I only have one skirt design, and I've been wanting to fix it up a little for a while, I'm not in love with the shape of it (although I still love the concept) so I will be working up a new Zagging Skirt, with this pretty blue and a pink zig zag. The pink is the leftover from my Poppy and my Britney skirt. Its getting a lot of love! The colours are rather a bold choice but my (nearly!)5 year old was adamant this was the right combo, and as she will be wearing it, I'm going with it!

This is my 'Grey' for my Nested - it doesn't look so grey here, and my swatch is definitely a bluey/grey - its yummy. I'm hoping its not going to knit up too stripey!

So there you go, my August knits. I also have a knitting retreat weekend at the end of the month so I am quite likely to start something new for that!

What are you working on at the moment?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FO: Poppy

I finally blocked the wee Poppy hat I knit for my friend's daughter, and here it is!

This used such a minimal amount of yarn (Red Riding Hood Belle in Homecoming Queen) that I still have some left for my next project.. which I will show you later!

Thanks for your opinions on my next me-knit, I'm going with a Grey Nested for now. Swatch currently drying and casting on soon!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

What's next?

I love knitting for myself and I really love wearing my knits. I'm very tempted to start a new design for myself, but I'm not sure I have the brain power for that just yet, perhaps when my daughter starts school in a week and I have a few hours a week of silence!

So as I come to the end of my Weathersfield, its time to decide what to knit myself next.

OPTIONS! (feel free to tell me what you think - they will all be knit, but what first!?)

I would knit this one without the panel of color work on the back, just a plain open fronted grey cardie - which I think is something I can never have enough of. 

This one would be a lot brighter, and I'm not sure how much I will wear this in the middle of what is still winter here for quite a few more months, but the colour is also tempting me!

Or do I do my Boden?
This is another winter sweater.

I think the pink is calling me after knitting a grey cardigan, but I can see the other greys possibly getting more wear currently!

I am also starting to write up a new girls design, I love it in concept, hopefully I'll love it as much once its done!