Thursday, December 6, 2012


It may seem like a funny thing to be excited about, but Pantone have just announced the color of the year for 2013....

But I am so excited. I mean what is not to love!! You can check out some more variations on the color on their site but it all makes me gush with glee!!

As you may know Green is my favourite colour, all shades, but emerald in particular. YUM!!

You may have seen some of my recent green knits/designs...

And I do have a wee stash of green yarn too, so I think there might be more greens in my future....

This last one may already be well on its way to being a new sock design.... 

As you can see, I am quite happy about this new color of the year, no doubt I will be able to use it as an excuse to buy more green yarn, but actually right now, I am thinking about a green handbag, maybe some shoes?? 

PS the clashing of my post with my blog background reminded me that I recently saw my blog on another monitor and it looked horrible, please - now is the time to tell me if the color appears horrible on yours too, I might need a new emerald upgrade!!


  1. Crikey - emerald - I'm going to have to get used to this one.... I think I'll start with shoes. I'm thinking suede wedges. I don't need much of an excuse for new shoes and clearly this is a good one.

  2. I am drooling over your pretty yarn! Such pretty shades of green.

  3. Ooooo! I'm excited by this news also! Green I my favorite color as well! Glad to know we're on trend. ;-$

  4. I've just recently learned the love of green, moving on from just teal.

  5. You really do love green! I like that so many of your patterns use it :)

  6. The Pantone shade is gorgeous! I'll be on the lookout for it in the shops :) Also, I love that little green dress. I may have to come back for the pattern once my little girl gets a bit bigger!

  7. Just seen emerald has been chosen! This is a great colour!

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