Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 - here we come!

I'm really looking forward to 2014, I'm not sure that I usually feel such excitement and anticipation for a new year, so I am going to revel in this feeling.

I have to set myself some goals - I don't do Resolutions, because I am generally not resolute, but I do love lists and goals.

Goals for 2014

  • To not add to my stash. I do not mean I will not buy yarn, that would just be lying, but I will not buy yarn that does not have a ready to cast on project or design waiting for it. I will not add to my ever increasing stash this year. (Except perhaps at Knit August Nights...)
  • To release 10 new patterns, including at least one adult garment, hopefully 2. I also have 2 club patterns to be re-released.
  • To knit for myself more, whether this is my own or others designs, I am most in need of knitwear in my house!
  • To knit a pair of socks for each family member in my house. 
That should do it for now, anything bonus will be a cherry on top!

As an example of why I do not need more stash, here is a photo of just my sock stash - not fingering, but sock with nylon - for socks - enough for 27 pairs of socks, 3 garments AND the petite collection - which I was pleased I pulled out as it told me exactly which new design it wants to be!
But regardless, I don't think I will be making more than 27 pairs of socks in 2014!
Forgive my colour wheel, I know its not right :D


  1. I LOVE your colour wheel! Very impressive!

  2. Oh wow - look at all that beautiful sock yarn!

    I like your goal ideas - good luck!

  3. I echo your goal to make more for yourself. My shop-bought jumpers are very worn out and I have pledged not to buy anymore. I'm getting rid of the worst this week to make room for exquisite hand-knitted treasures.

  4. I was doing a very similar thing with my sock stash today! Isn't it lovely to see all the colours laid out! Good luck with your goals of next year. If this year is anything to go by, I'm sure you'll be getting through most of it.

  5. If you really need to get rid of some stash, I will help you out and take it off your hands! Loving your 2014 goals, happy new year!

  6. Those sound like some great goals. I'm the same - I set goals rather than make resolutions. There's something about a resolution that immediately makes me feel trapped. Goals make me feel inspired. I love your socks wheel. It looks like you will have lots of choices for yarn when you go to knit up those socks for your family members!

  7. Actually your color wheel is pretty accurate haha. But what great goals, I know you can do it! Especially the designing ones, your designs are amazing!

  8. Your color wheel is beautiful! I'm feeling the don't-add-to-the-stash pressure. All my lovely stash skeins are giving me the 'knit me!' stare.

  9. You've got a gorgeous range of colours there! I should go through and see what gaps I have in my collection...

  10. Um, 115 approx, not including jersey lots. I think I'll slink back into my hole now and pay a visit to the chiropractor cos I'm going to need it.

  11. I love your color wheel. I'm also starting to wonder what my sock yarn stash is looking like. Seeing your inspires me to pull all mine out.

    Is there a sock pattern that you are eyeing at the moment? Or are you going to design one.


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