Friday, January 24, 2014

FO Friday : Sparkly Zita

I've been knitting away on this Zita for a wee while, to be honest, I really didn't enjoy this yarn. But I bought it with this summer dress in mind for my daughter and I had to knit it now, before it really wasn't enough yarn for this dress.

As it was, I played a game of yardage chicken. And I lost! With about 50 sts remaining to cast off, I ran out of yarn! GAH! I attempted to use the ends from throughout the garment, but they weren't long enough. Luckily I have some leftovers in my knitting corner and the first ball I laid my hands on was the perfect colour. 4ply and wool, and not sparkly, but the perfect colour. I just doubled it and finished off the cast off and sighed with relief. Its also at the side of the dress, so totally unnoticeable, even to me.

Amelia is a dress girl. She rarely wears anything else, even a skirt has to be 'pretty' enough for her to agree. She lays her clothes out on the floor as they are to be worn, to ensure it is satisfactory. This dress got a resounding cheer when I suggested she wear it to kindy today. WHEW!

This is a cotton sparkle yarn from Louisa Harding. It already feels much better after a wash, although its definitely not the softest cotton. I do think it will soften more though. And Amelia wore this all day without complaining so it obviously didn't feel bad to her.

The pattern is my Zita pattern, and I knit this exactly to the pattern, although I added length as she is a 3y chest size, and I knit to between the 4y and 5y for length (hence the yardage chicken...)


  1. Hi Sarah,
    The dress turned out lovely!!! How sweet is that! It's unfortunate when you purchase a yarn that you can't wait to get stuck into, only to have it be a pain in the neck to knit with. I have run out of yarn on the home stretch too at times and it is frustrating. I'm like you, scratch around in the yarn basket for something in it's place.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. It's turned out beautifully, really suits her :)

  3. She looks so pretty and happy wearing the dress. Glad your gamble to play yardage chicken paid off. :-)

  4. Amelia and the Zita are a beautiful pair! And there's nothing worse in the knitting world than losing a game of yarn chicken.

  5. She looks adorable in it. Dont girls love sparkly yarn. My daughter is 12 now and the sparkles have gone to be replaced by leggings and tops, with boots!

  6. Such a cute dress. I am so glad you were able to find the perfect yarn to cast off in :) I bet your daughter is too!


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