Thursday, January 9, 2014

FO: Orange socks!

One of my favourite KAL groups on Ravelry is the Solid Socks Group - its a lovely group of lovely people with minimal KAL rules, and a new knit a long every month, of socks. Whats not to love!

One of the many reasons I love this group is that it ocassionally forces me to order a sock yarn that I possibly would not choose without the push. Decembers colour was Orange. I ordered yarn especially and cast on a second pair of my newest sock pattern - Ribbon Curls.

There was absolutely no reason I couldn't get these socks finished in Decemeber, except that it was December, and well you know how that goes! Howeveer I did finish them on January 3 - its just taken me nearly another whole week to take a photo or 2.

I'm very happy with these socks, I love the colour, I love the fit. I cant wait to get out my sock stash come Autumn, its GROWING! (you may remember my sock stash from last winter, its bigger now)

The Solid Sock Group also runs a bi-monthly Mystery Sock Knit A Long, which I am the designer for this February-March. Anyone is welcome to join in. To be eligible for a prize, you knit the sock in any solid/semi solid colour and share a photo, but you are always welcome in the Solid Sock group which means you can still KAL in a non-solid colour! I will be sharing more information about this Mystery KAL soon! I hope you will join me. (The pattern will be free during the KAL)


  1. Oooo they are gorgeous!

    You need to post more photos of your sock yarn stash. You know you want to ;) I'll show you mine if you show me yours lol

  2. What lovely orange socks. Solid yarns are so unloved for socks so I understand why they have a whole group for it! What fun!

  3. Those are such bright, cheerful socks, Sarah! I do the same thing as you - knit some new socks for myself and stash them for the next cold season. It's always such a treat to take them out and start wearing them in the fall.

  4. I love your socks!
    I love orange

  5. I think we need to see and updated photo of your sock stash. The one you linked to is quite impressive. I'm curious to see what has gotten added.

    Plus, those orange socks look great! I can't really wear orange near my face. But I do have a little collection of orange sock yarn.

  6. Hey I am so IN for the sock MKAL if you are the designer :) Always been too scared to join MKALs but socks makes it sound less daunting. I can already think of which yarn I want to use... he he :) cannot wait!!! Love the orange socks!
    -- SoniaB

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