Saturday, January 18, 2014

FO: Peacock Eyes and a giveaway!

In November, I joined in the Indie Giftalong, both as a designer and as a knitter. I decided the KAL was great motivation for me to finally knit something for me again! I chose the Peacock Eyes Cardigan by Justyna Lorkowska and even dug some yarn out of stash - Bendigo Luxury fingering weight in Oceanic. I did pretty well during November, I knit all the body and even did the button bands.
And then I had other things I just had to do instead. However I decided our car trip and holiday were a perfect time to finish it off, and so I did!

My photos aren't as clear as I had hoped, my camera remote isn't working right at the moment, so this was a timer job instead... must try and fix the remote, or wait for my husband to be home next time!

I did the bottom part (hips) of this cardigan larger than the chest, to fit my body shape. I really like this cardigan, and I think I will wear it a lot. It has definitely cemented in my mind that light weight knits are in desperate need in my wardrobe, and will be the focus this year!

However my next cast on is a new Shinobi, I'm joining in my own KAL - and when I added it to Ravelry, I discovered it is my 300th logged project! I'm pretty good at logging projects, so this is probably close to accurate, I missed some when I first got back into knitting 7 years ago, but I wasn't fast, so it probably was only a small handful!

As I was wowing over 300 projects, I noticed that I had also hit 600 likers on my Facebook page, which has been going for 6 months - so many cool things, I decided to run a wee giveaway. If you are on Facebook, I'd love for you to pop over there and comment on the post, but if you are not, then feel free to leave your project count here and I will include you in my random prize drawing.

So how many Ravelry Projects do YOU have?


  1. I have 27 projects on Ravelry under the name uomalley. I know I have missed listing quite a few of them, but these are a good selection. I'm also updating my own knitwear this year. I like spending time on extra special items like your cardigan as the end result is unique and worth the effort.

  2. Love your cardigan, it's turned out really well. I've got 242 projects on ravelry at the moment :)

  3. I'm at 118 projects (with 740 in queue :) ). Congrats on 300! :) and 600 FB likes! :)
    (wordpress has a list of words you can add to and when a comment comes in containing that word, it deletes the comment as soon as it comes in and THAT has vastly helped me control spam. perhaps blogspot has something like that? good luck!)

  4. I'm a wee bit behind, with 282! Although that includes all WIPs, hibernating projects, and frogged projects.


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