Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today I have a new pattern to show you - Miramar.
Knit in Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras

Miramar is a cowl designed to show off a simple bias lace stitch in gorgeous yarn. It is knit in the round so is seamless and simple and the 2 row lace repeat makes this a really easy knit while resulting in a gorgeous Cowl. I have written this pattern to make the most of Malabrigo Worsted or Rios yarns, and I have included 2 suggested lengths as well as telling you how to make it any length you like!  The pattern includes both charted and written instructions.

Knit in Malabrigo Worsted in Marine

Miramar is being released as part of the Malabrigo Quickies programme - I actually knit this marine sample at the very beginning of 2013, and then just sat on it. Until the Quickies submissions opened, I hadn't done this intentionally, but I think it was meant to be. 

I knit the second sample in Rios in Purpuras, and using the same needle size this gives a cowl with more drape. Of course you could use a smaller needle, but I love the way the Rios feels at this gauge. 

I named this pattern Miramar. Its a suburb of Wellington, New Zealand. And the place my dear friend Jenny lived. The purple colour of this cowl is no accident either, it was her favourite and purple will always bring her to my mind, I thought of her constantly while knitting this cowl, and I will think of her everytime I wear it too. 

If you would like to purchase yourself a copy of this pattern, you can pop over to Ravelry and grab it - I've put an introductory price of $4 on it for the first 48 hours, at which point it will cost $5. No logic in my supportive customers paying full price and missing out on a discount later!


  1. Lovely cowl Sarah! I only wish I could knit lace. I am totally hopeless at it. :-)

  2. MMmmmm.... Malabrigo! The cowl is a beautiful tribute to your friend, Jenny. It's nice to keep things around to remind us of people we love.

  3. That is in fact, very very lovely :) I may just have to buy that one! I always say that but I mean it this time! Great job !


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