Monday, January 13, 2014

Pattern Release - Shinobi and Momoka

You may remember a post I made 6 months ago in which I showed you 2 of my new designs, that weren't yet available. That was probably a bit mean of me really!

However now they ARE available - so I'm going to show them to you again, this time you actually can get hold of them, if you so wish.

Shinobi is a boys vest pattern, inspired by Japanese Ninjas. Because what boy doesn't like to pretend he IS a ninja every now and again.

This pattern is knit from the bottom up and is incredibly simple. I suggest these cool closures, but buttons are also possible if you prefer.(or toggles, or frogs, or loops... endless possibilities!)

Momoka is a pretty cropped wrap cardigan, perfect to wear with almost anything! There are 3 sleeve options, kimono, short and long(straight) and this really does make a great ballet cardigan if you have a wee dancer as well. An applied i-cord edging means that once you are finished, there are no stitches to be picked up, its done! A button hole allows the i-cord tie to poke through the cardigan and helps it to tie nicely and sit flat.

Both of these are designed to be knit with a DK weight (8ply) yarn and really are very economical on the yardage.

Both patterns are discounted until 10pm on the 15th of January (NZT) so now is a great time to add them to your library.

I am hosting a Knit a Long over in my Ravelry group for these 2 pattern until the end of February - and the lovely Hannah of Red Riding Hood yarns is offering 2 prizes of her delicious yarn shown above!
Which one would you choose? And will you join me?


  1. Absolutely adorable patterns. My son would have loved the vest in every color when he was young. The Momoka is divine ! You've chosen very nice names for the patterns also !

  2. These are great!! And your children are adorable. If only my littles weren't so big! They'd have loved wearing these. The vest could really work for a girl, too.


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