Thursday, January 30, 2014

WIPS, again!

Its Wednesday again, and I'm just not sure how that happened! My son is still on holidays, until Monday, and I think that's definitely been part of the reason the weeks go so fast.

I spent most of yesterday watching the Grammy's and cheering for Lorde, it was great knitting TV although between the cheering, the tweeting and the heart racing, I didn't get as much knitting done as I would have hoped!

At the moment I am knitting away on a few projects, which I really enjoy. I love having different things to knit depending on my mood, depending on the weight yarn I feel like knitting. Its really working for me at the moment and I am making progress on everything.

After my success with my last 2 adult knits, I decided to cast on another for me - this time I went with Flaming June, and I'm knitting it in this nearly Navy colour. I'm knitting it in Light Fingering weight (3ply) which might seem crazy, but I'm using 3.75mm needles, so its not nearly as bad as it could be! I've finished the mitred bits now and am working straight up the body.

I'm also knitting away on a new design...
Totally meant to post this yesterday (being Wednesday) but ended up having a crazy day that included 4yo immunisations, donating blood, baking a birthday cake and knitting night, on top of all the usual things!


  1. oo not seen the Flaming June pattern before.

    Looking forward to seeing what your latest design is :)

  2. What a cute shawl! Loving the blue :)

  3. "Flaming June" is really cute! Are you doing the sweater in one color, or does the second color get added later?

    1. I'm going to stick with a single colour for this one!

  4. I'm anxious to see your new design! And your shawl is my favourite shade of blue. :-)

  5. Ooo! I really like the Flamingo June pattern. I hadn't seen it before, either. It's going to be gorgeous in blue!


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