Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finally - a FO!

My blog might suggest I haven't done much knitting lately, but I have! PROMISE! I'm working on some secret gifts that I can't share yet, and a new design that I still need to get nice photos of, and some mystery socks....  Not a lot to share!

However I did finish a Shinobi recently, as part of my KAL to celebrate its public release, and finally got some photos of my son in it this morning. Its been really sunny and hot every time I've thought to take photos so nabbed him this morning, gave him some money for his wallet (got to pay my staff) and put his 'Ninja Vest' on him.

I think he'd quite like to be a Ninja, although he would be known as the smiling Ninja, not sure he would ever be threatening enough!

I don't tend to knit a new design in such a dark colour, but seeing as this is not the prototype I went with this lovely colour, I know my son will wear it (he hasn't taken it off even though its really too warm to wear it) but it does mean its hard to see in these photos.
Yarn is 'Abrazo' from Red Riding Hood Yarns.


The pattern doesn't include specific instructions for button holes, but rather how to go about choosing your sizing and a suggestion of how far away to put them - as it has button bands in the pattern as standard, its an easy mod to make and I one I went with for this! And yes, those are Super Hero Buttons.

By the way - Clue 3 is now out for my Mystery Sock Pattern! Its still free!


  1. What a great Ninja vest. Love the buttons too

  2. What a wonderful Ninja model you have! You know you have a winner when your son won't take it off in spite of the heat. :-)

  3. Well, your Ninja is almost on the verge of menacing in the last photo...sort of! ;-)

  4. Those buttons are brilliant! Love the vest and the model, I know who to call now!

  5. I love the colour! and what a total cutie - super hero buttons and all :)


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