Thursday, February 27, 2014


As of tomorrow our house is officially on the Market. Its been an absolutely crazy 10 days since we decided that we would like to move (yes we are crazy) and really quite amazing what we accomplished amongst our normal life, and work. There has been a lot of cleaning, my nails are destroyed, my legs are tired, my back is aching, and my house is sparkling. And all those wee things we have been meaning to fix, or tidy have been done. Funny how you wait till you are about to leave before you fix things. I am going to try harder in the next house, turns out I do like a bit of painting and fixing.

I have done NO knitting, Well perhaps 2 rows. It is so odd, and I've missed it, but I just could not squeeze it in, or concentrate on it. But now that my pantry is clean and my linen cupboard is organised (why do I have SO many towels???) I am going to chill out and knit for a while. I might even have something to show you soon.


  1. I enjoy painting too, but have noticed it's something I tend to put off despite that. I should be painting all our window sills at the moment, but there's knitting and historical sewing that needs doing and that's coming first.
    Glad your preparations for selling are all done, good luck for the sale and for finding the perfect new house.

  2. Good luck with it, hope you sell quickly

  3. How exciting and daunting all at once. Best of luck with the process ... and I hope today's knitting relaxes those achy muscles!


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