Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not a lot of knitting

On Saturday my husband made a list of Open Homes he wanted to go and see. I reminded him that if we went and saw Open Homes, we would want to move. NOW. Not in a years time as we had planned. That is what we do.
Seems that is ok though, as we both decided that actually now is a good time. We don't need to wait a year. Huh.

Of course deciding that we are going to sell our house, and actually doing so are very different things. And getting the house ready to sell - well that's a fairly full on prospect, given we want it on the market by the end of the month. Just because, that's what we do.

We are doing really well though, and are both fairly obsessed with making it look nice. My husband told me he was going to have a shower at about 10pm. at 10.45 I leaped up wondering what the noise was, it was him, cleaning a door. He hadn't made it to the shower. (Yes, I will keep him on!)  The Rubbish Skip arrived today, we have a spot of painting to do over the weekend, and need to sort out the gardens too.

So, you may see why my needles haven't been very busy. Last week they were and I just couldn't show you, and this week they have been nearly silent. When I am sitting, I'm too exhausted from all the cleaning, and errand running and to-ing and fro-ing up the stairs from the garage.

Because I can't leave you without a photo - how about one of the new design that is currently in testing?

I wrote this pattern as a perfect sock yarn scrap hat, but it is also delicious in a special 4ply yarn. I have found this hat addictive and have knit 5 with #6 waiting patiently for me to pick up my needles. Its knit top down and is super simple, ear flaps are optional, but pretty cute I think.
It will be out by Mid March, so collect those sock leftovers, or dig out that ball of 4ply that needs to be knit!


  1. Wow good luck with getting your house ready to sell! Love the hat pattern :)

  2. Oh my! You are brave to contemplate moving. I think I'm still in recovery mode from our move last summer. Of course, once it's all done it's worth it. What a great husband to notice something needed to be cleaned, then to clean it himself. :-)

  3. I love going to Open Houses. Mostly because I have zero decorator skill and I like to get ideas.


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