Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stash additions

One of my goals this year was to not add to my stash. I've been doing OK at this, although not great.

I did get a delivery the other day that I paid for in 2013, so I figure its ok. I was so excited by this delivery, I had forgotten it was coming, and the colours are just stunning.

From Little Plum Yarn

DK Superwash in Mocha - I ordered this one for a new boys design that has been in my notebook for months. I have already wound it and will start swatching this weekend.

Lush Sock in 'Sari'. This is ever more beautiful in real life, I couldn't capture the vibrancy of the colour, it is the most perfect green I have ever seen. I may have exclaimed to my husband that 'If I was a colour, this is the colour I would be'. He didn't quite know how to take it. But this is gorgeous. Not sure what it will be, it might need to become something to wrap myself in, rather than the socks I had planned for it.
Any pattern suggestions?


  1. I've seen some beautiful peacock shawl knitting patterns that would suit the green yarn. Google brings up lots, so I haven't chosen one particular link. They are all wondrous.

  2. Lovely yarns, I'd knit the Lush Sock up in Sweet Dreams by Boo Knits

  3. ooo that green is gorgeous, it would make a stunning shawl :)

  4. That's interesting that you say the sock yarn in green. On my screen it is the most lovely shade of blue.

  5. Ohhh, yummy yarns!!!! I know you haven't asked, but I would LOVE to have a earburn on ravelry when you look for test-knitters for the Mocha yarn :) and yes, the sock yarn looks an amazing shade of turquoise blue on my screen too!!!


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