Saturday, March 8, 2014

Working on WIPs

I seem to have found my knitting mojo again! I am so pleased to see it back, and am focusing on getting some half finished projects finished. I think my house being on the market and as clean as it's ever going to get has helped. Maintaining the tidy is much easier than starting from messy everyday!

Of course, and I'm sure we're not the first, now that we have our house looking beautiful, and have made minor repairs we have been looking at for long periods of time without touching, this house seems pretty good.  We are also in a good situation of not HAVING to sell our house. In fact, we've put it on the market as a total whim, so if we end up staying, we're ok with that too. And I've been making plans of some changes I would make we're we to stay. Call me crazy.

In the last few months I also lost my mojo to track purchased yarn in my ravelry stash, so that is my job for this afternoon. And to carry on with my mystery socks and get them done!

Have you got knitting plans for the weekend?


  1. My plans are to finish the cables part of a little hat. If I finish the whole hat, that would be a bonus.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Glad you have your mojo back, it's crappy when that happens, but
    terrific when you find it again. You seem to knit with gusto then. lol.
    My plans for the weekend are to not put my knitting needles down....ever.
    lol Have a great week.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. So glad you feel like knitting again! Hope you have had lots of knitting time this weekend.

  4. Oh I saw the increases to your Rav stash and thought you might have been having a rush of blood to the credit card!!


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